• Matthew Felsenfeld

GREENPOINTERS: Stu Sherman Has The Policy Knowledge And Personal Experience

Even though Stu Sherman is well underway with his campaign for city council, he is still working full time as an attorney. And he’s a new dad. Sherman is undoubtedly a busy guy, but it’s the work he does for his clients, and his personal experience with chronic illness that keeps him motivated. “From my own experience, I know how important it is to have access to medication and from fighting on behalf of my clients, I see how much the inequities and systemic failures are impacting their lives,” Sherman tells Greenpointers over the phone, “But also with the work I do, I see how much is possible, and that’s really what got me into the race, understanding that we can make large scale reform to improve people’s lives.” We spoke with Sherman about housing, making the film industry greener, and how interconnected inequalities are.

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