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CITY & STATE NY: New York’s existing plans for pandemics were not enough for the current crisis

One example of that is criticism that Cuomo has received from nurses on the ground about a lack of personal protective equipment and from President Donald Trump about not having enough ventilators. Trump said that the state had the ability to buy 15,000 ventilators years ago, referring to a 2015 task force report issuing guidelines if ventilator triage was necessary. That report said that with the current stockpile, the state would not be prepared for a pandemic outbreak comparable to the infamous 1918 flu. But that represented a worst-case scenario, which one might say the state should have prepared for, but no other state has prepared for either. “I’d say we’re as prepared as anyone else was,” Stu Sherman, a New York City Council candidate and bioethicist who was the executive director of the task force that released that report, told City & State. “But it's always difficult prior to the occurrence of a crisis to get attention and resources and preparation for that.”

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