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THE WRAP: What Gateway Pundit (and Trump) Got ‘Wrong’ About NY Gov Andrew Cuomo and Ventilators

Stu Sherman tells TheWrap that task force was called the Task Force on Life and the Law, created in the 1980s and led by Sherman starting in 2013. The column got its information from a report the task force published in 2015.

“The group was created to help the state with difficult medical/law questions around … pandemic and disaster response,” among other topics, he said via email.

Sherman added that the group put a report together to “answer the question about what to do in the event of a case surge that creates a situation where ventilators needed to be rationed. While the group looked at the possibility of stockpiling, it determined that in a case surge there would still likely not be enough ventilators or staff to use them. In reality, in my opinion, no government Task Force would be empowered to recommend the state spend 1/2 a billion dollars on something that there was no immediate need for.” Sherman noted that beyond New York, “every state and federal agency was aware of this risk, the federal government more than anyone.”

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